Our Recommendations

  1. “Elon College” is entirely appropriate as a name for the College of Arts and Sciences.   The longer term, “Elon College of Arts and Sciences,” could tend to be confusing.   No doubt some confusion will center around “Elon College” as well, but the benefits of this decision outweigh this concern.
  2. The institution must be intentional as it makes this announcement, indicating that by retaining this name we seek to honor our indebtedness to those who constructed the foundation and built the heritage of which we are so proud.  The College of Arts and Sciences will remain the heart of Elon University.
  3. Ample naming opportunities exist to support the college of arts and sciences, including scholarships and professorships.
  4. Elon University should take care that the College of Arts and Sciences be kept physically together so that it remains a daily life experience for our students.

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