Maintaining Community at Elon

Report to the Elon Community

Friday, May 4, 2001

In the spring of 2001, a committee of faculty, staff and students appointed by President Lambert met to explore the elements of Elon that contribute to our sense of community and common purpose.   The committee shared its own thoughts and solicited ideas from others on campus during a series of forums.   This document highlights some of the many ideas suggested during the committee's investigation.  Committee members included:  Deborah Thurlow (chair), Jim Barbour, Steve Braye, Janet Cooper, Don Grady, Smith Jackson, Richard McBride, Jennifer McCort, Alan Medeiros, Lela Faye Rich, Robyn Trotter and Mary Wise.
The committee developed the following statement as a framework to give purpose and direction to current and future strategies for maintaining and building on community at Elon.

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