TO:                 All Voting Faculty


FROM:           Academic Council


DATE:            February 24, 2004


RE:                 Proposed Revision of By-Laws re Change in Membership of Academic Council, Amended Version


Academic Council voted at its December, 2003 meeting to support the addition of a non-voting member to represent adjunct faculty on Academic Council.  Academic Council believes that since adjunct faculty members constitute a large fraction of the teaching faculty and contribute in many ways to the life of the university, it is important for their voice to be formally represented on the Council.


Based on discussions we have had since the February faculty meeting, we will entertain a friendly amendment to the proposal that we sent out dated January 26, specifying the date and frequency of the election of the adjunct faculty representative.


The revision of the By-Laws consists of the bold-faced additions listed below.


Proposed By-Laws Change


Section I-6, Article VI, Section 1


Membership.  The academic council shall consist of eleven members elected for three years, an adjunct faculty representative, without vote, the president, without vote, and /or the provost/vice president for academic affairs, without a vote…Elections to the academic council occur on a three-year cycle…In the final year of the three year cycle, four at-large members shall be elected by the faculty.  The adjunct faculty representative will be elected annually in August, and must be currently employed by the university as an adjunct faculty member during her/his term.


  1.  Eligibility to Vote for Members.  All faculty members who have voting privileges under the terms of these bylaws shall be eligible to vote for members of the academic council.  The only exception to this will be for the adjunct representative who will be elected by adjunct faculty.


c.   Election. …

      Year Three:   four (4) at-large members.


  1. Election of adjunct representative.  For the election of the adjunct representative, paper ballots will be mailed to adjunct faculty in August and returned to the chair of Academic Council.