The Elon Community

Elon is a community of students, faculty, staff, and families who work together to enrich both individual lives and the world we inhabit.   We pride ourselves on our strong sense of community and consider community a vital part of our institutional identity.

In order to maintain this basic value, in the midst of considerable institutional change and growth, Elon intentionally acts to insure the following:

Insuring that these values are maintained at Elon will require ongoing attention.  Just as we continually monitor the financial health of the institution we must continually monitor the health of our community.   This committee recommends that an ongoing group of faculty, staff and students be organized to attend to seven areas that have been identified as critical to our institutional well-being.   Although the following report does not include all of the suggestions from our community, it is a representative sample from the more comprehensive list.   The complete list will be made available to the College community as an email attachment and in hard copy next week.

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