The Faculty Research and Development course has accomplished several things and has 2 tasks that we?re still working on.
During the Fall, the Committee reviewed faculty applications for funding. We looked atproposals totalling $292,608. In total, there was $218,850 available. This meant that after funding sabbaticals there was only $47,000 left to fund all other categories. This amount has been decreasing for several years now; in 2000-2001 it stood at $58,499. Altogether we approved 11 sabbaticals (out of 11 requests), 2 requests for course release time (out of 4 requests), 10 summer fellowships (out of 19 requests), and 8 requests for research, development and advanced study funds (out of 9 requests, though some were only partially funded). The number of requests for summer fellowships increased significantly from 12 last year to 19 this year.

In addition, we scheduled a series of Brown Bag Lunches presented by past successful funding applicants in order to highlight the work being done on campus and to raise the general level of awareness. We changed the format from previous years by having only one presenter at each lunch instead of two. We made this change because we thought it would give presenters more time to make their presentation and still leave enough time to ask questions and discuss the presentation. We also chose a Distinguished Scholar for this year and arranged a presentation and reception for last year?s awardee, Chris Wilson. Furthermore, we decided to obtain a plaque listing the each year?s Distinguished Scholar, and received permission to hang it in the library.

Because of the new classifications for teaching faculty, we updated the wording on the application and in the Faculty Handbook. We also reduced the amount of time required to request summer fellowships from 2 years to one year in the belief that, in light of the university?s requirements for research, this would make these funds available to junior faculty sooner.

Unfinished tasks include the ordering of the plaque for Distinguished Scholars and updating the language in the Faculty Handbook. Both of these tasks are being worked on now and should be completed soon.

Submitted by Jim Brown

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