Annual Report to Academic Council

Members:Matthew Clark, Kate Colussy-Estes, Kathryn Craig, Kristin Durham, Stacia Hall ,Richard McBride,Catherine McNeela, Tom Nelson, W. Brent Odom, and Charity Johansson, Chair.

The Religious Life Committee met regularly throughout the year.Following are the priorities we established for the year (in no order of significance) and their status as of March 2003:

ITEM 1:  Achieve full student membership of the committee.
STATUS:  Done.  By the September meeting, the committee had its full complement of 4 students.
ITEM 2:  Draft an Elon Pledge of Cooperation, with input from faculty, students, the Chaplain?s office, and the Religious Life Council.
STATUS:  Done.  This task occupied the majority of the committee?s time this year, involving several revisions following input from various groups. The pledge was endorsed by the committee and has now been successfully presented to all Religious Life organizations.
ITEM 3:  Discuss the CAS standards as they apply to Elon.
STATUS:  Done. This occurred mostly along the path to development of the Pledge of Cooperation.  We may revisit these standards later on if the need arises.
ITEM 4:  Facilitate the installation of Kate Colussy-Estes at ElonCommunityChurch.
STATUS:  Done.  Kate was installed on November 24, 2002.
ITEM 5:  Inquire about Easter holiday scheduling in the academic calendar.
STATUS:  In process.Richard McBride and Charity Johansson are drafting a letter of inquiry to the Calendar Committee. In the discussion regarding Easter holiday, the question of religious holiday observance by staff members came up, so Richard and Charity will be following up on that question as well with Human Resources.
ITEM 6:  Consider excessive alcohol use on campus and its spiritual implications.
STATUS:  Tabled.  After some discussion, committee members were encouraged to work first with Resa Walch, and if furthersupport by the Religious Life Committee was needed, the issue could be re-introduced.
ITEM 7:  Investigate the possibility of a permanent labyrinth on campus.
STATUS:  Ongoing discussion.
ITEM 8:  Seek options for an interfaith chapel space on campus.
STATUS:  Ongoing discussion.  The Holt Chapel, when relocated, may serve a dual purpose of space for student meetings and for interfaith services.
NEW ITEM 9:  Consider preparation of a politically neutral service for the university community in the event of a US declaration of war.
STATUS:  Ongoing discussion between Richard and Kate.
NEW ITEM 10:  Review guidelines for advisors to Religious Life groups.
STATUS:  Done. The committee reviewed and endorsed the guidelines for advisors to Religious Life groups which were put together by the Chaplain's office.
The next meeting is set for April 17, 2003.  This will be a closure meeting for the year unless other needs arise.

Respectfully submitted,
Charity Johansson, Assoc. Prof
Religious Life Committee Chair

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