The members of the 2002-03 Media Board include: John Duvall, Tom Nelson, Terri Kirchen, Ben Brundred, Megan Cowley, Kate Hamilton,Dan Hanson (student representative to the SGA), David Hibbard (ex officio), and Rex Waters (chair).

Goals and Objectives for 2002-03

Work more closely with student executives from media organizations

o Held a fall retreat for executives
o Held monthly meetings with executives to prepare for upcoming Media Board meeting
o Allowed student media representative to the SGA to have more involvement in media processes
Approved new media budget needs
o Proposed that SGA go back to "formula funding" for the Media Board
o Colonnades moved to two separate offices in Whitley
o Phi Psi Cli moved to 234 Moseley
Selected new executive officers for media
o Four of five media elected new executive officers for 2003-04 as of April 2002

Host a successful media banquet

o Guest speaker Jay Mathews, education reporter and columnist for the Washington Post
o 75 guests invited
o Initiated Media Member of the Year Award received by one member of each medium

Held monthly meetings

o Media Board members, student executives and advisers met to further develop the media and discuss important issues.
        * Advisers include: Kevin Boyle and Drew Perry (Colonnades), Jay McMerty (ESTV), Felicia Massey (Phi Psi Cli), Janna Anderson (The Pendulum), Bryan Baker (WSOE)
         * Dean Waters hosted an advisers? luncheon

Respectfully submitted,
Rex Waters, Chair

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