1.   To have a clearinghouse for all proposals.

2.   To develop a streamlined on-line application process.

3.   To apply the federal guidelines more uniformly.

4.   To change some of faculty by-laws for the CHPR.


1. All proposals are stored in the Office of Institutional Research.

2. The entire application should be on-line by the end of this semester.

3. We applied the guidelines more uniformly because we met monthly and made major revisions in the existing application forms.  We had to be very knowledgeable about the guidelines and were more attentive to social science research.

4. Revisions to the Faculty By-laws were made and approved by the faculty. They were to have the Director of Sponsored Programs as a non-voting member, change the name of the committee to the Elon University Institutional Review Board, and change the term of appointment from two years to three years.

Submitted by Barry Beedle

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