The Curriculum Committee met each month to consider curricular changes and general curricular issues.The committee instituted several changes designed to streamline procedures and improve communication with the faculty.With the consent of the faculty, the committee instituted procedural changes to reduce the volume of minor curricular changes being brought to the faculty for formal votes.With the consent of Curriculum Committee, minor changes such as the approval of new courses, re-titling courses, or changes to catalog descriptions are reported to the faculty in the Curriculum Committee minutes, which are distributed to all faculty along with the Curriculum Committee agenda.Another procedural change concerns providing all departmental secretaries with all materials submitted to Curriculum Committee.This ensures that faculty have access to the material and the opportunity to provide feedback about proposals to their departmental representative.

The Curriculum Committee recommended the following new minors to the faculty:GIS, Multimedia Authoring, and Latin American Studies.The committee also
recommended a major revision to the School of Communications curriculum, and more limited changes to the following majors and minors (list is not exhaustive):Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Women and Gender Studies, and Music.

In addition to the normal committee work, Curriculum Committee was involved in several significant discussions regarding General Studies (Wellness and the new Mission Statement for General Studies), AP Credit (recommending a university policy on AP scores), the Law School feasibility study, distance learning, and the creation of the Study Abroad Committee. The committee also heard reports and discussed Project Pericles and proposed changes to the leadership program.The Curriculum Committee Chair appointed representatives for the Law School Feasibility Task Force and the Distance Learning Task Force.

Submitted by Maurice J. Levesque

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