The Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC) received a new mission statement last May and has subsequently transitioned to those revised responsibilities this academic year. A work program was developed in the fall and much progress has been accomplished toward that task.

It is the interpretation of the Committee that it is to function as an oversight body, making observations of the intercollegiate athletics program at Elon with follow up recommendations to the athletics director. The Committee feels that our athletics department is well organized and staffed by competent and concerned professionals. Student-athlete welfare and the university mission have always been at the forefront of meeting discussions.

Specific accomplishments follow:

  1.  It has been observed and confirmed by Vice President Whittington that the athletics department is subject to the same budget, accounting and audit procedures as any other division of the university. No concerns have surfaced from any source with regard to fiscal integrity in this department.
  2. Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), Vicki Hightower, coordinated administrationand analysis of 40 Exit Interviews for Senior Athletes.
  3. Athletics Department Compliance Coordinator, Clay Hassard, gives explanations of compliance issues at each FAC meeting. A written copy of all compliance violations is provided to the FAC chairperson in a timely manner.
  4. Athletics Department mission statement and annual goals and objectives are being formulated and will be made available to the Committee in fall 2003. In addition, an organization chart and standard operating procedures manual are available to all members of the committee and each member has received a copy of the Student Athlete Handbook.
  5. The FAC chairperson receives copies of all official notices of reduction/termination of athletic grants-in-aid from the athletics director and serves as a final stage arbiter of all grant-in-aid appeals and student-athlete grievances. Chairperson Drummond sat on two final stage grants-in-aid appeals this year and reported fair and equitable disposition of each. One student-athlete grievance came before the Committee; a determination was made that the designated process had not been followed and was referred back to an appropriate stage of that process where it was ultimately resolved. Confidentiality is emphasized in all student-athlete personnel matters.
  6. Athletic scheduling is a conference function. Individual institution input and concerns are requested and utilized in this process. Non-conference schedules are developed by the respective sport coaches within standard department guidelines and policies with final approval by the athletics director.
  7. As FAR, Mrs. Hightower reports to the Committee on relevant NCAA and conference matters; she does a very thorough and credible job with this task. In addition, the FAR attends various NCAA and conference workshops in order to stay current and informed.
  8. In its oversight role, the FAC was asked to work with the athletics department in meeting two specific NCAA certification concerns. These two concerns were a student-athlete attendance policy and a five year gender equity plan. Committee members met directly with coaches concerning gender-equity issues and verified all information developed in the Gender-Equity Plan draft.On February 25, the Committee voted unanimously to endorse this draft.

Planned Activity Report
Faculty Athletics Committee

A primary goal of the Faculty Athletics Committee for 2002-2003 will be to transition to an adjusted mission approved by the faculty on May 25, 2002. Specific tasks shall include the following:

I.     Review and offer recommendations regarding fiscal integrity of Elon Athletics Department -- Mr. Whittington and Dr. Drummond

II.    Review and offer recommendations regarding adherence to established Gender and Minority Programs -- Ms. Shearer, Dr. Van Bodegraven and the Committee

III.   Review and offer recommendations regarding student athlete welfare -- Ms. Hightower (FAR) via Senior Questionnaire and other instruments

IV.   Request a general information report on Athletics Department governance to include organization chart, SOP manuals etc. -- Dr. White and Dr. DeJournett

V.    Request a general information report from the Athletics Department Compliance Coordinator -- Mr. Hassard

VI.   Review Athletics Department mission statement along with annual goals and objectives. Request subsequent reports on accomplishment of annual goals and objectives --  Dr.White and Dr. D'Amato

VII.   Request a general information report from Athletics Department regarding awarding, reducing and terminating grants-in-aid -- Dr.White and Dr. Allis

VIII.  Request general information on athletic scheduling in light of transition to Southern Conference -- Dr.White, Ms. Hightower and Dr. Costello

IX.    Request periodic updates/reports from FAR regarding NCAA and Southern Conference issues -- Ms. Hightower

Results of this work plan will be recorded in various written reports and Committee minutes. Minutes of each meeting will be forwarded to academic council with actual work assessments submitted at the conclusion of each semester.

Submitted by Jim Drummond

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