Intellectual Climate Committee


Committee Goals


The goal of Intellectual Climate Committee is to assess and enhance four primary areas relating to the intellectual climate at Elon.  The four primary areas of concentration are defined as:


  1. Develop a definition of “academic citizenship” and what this means for Elon University.


  1. Develop periodic programs designed to evaluate and sustain Elon’s intellectual climate.


  1. Assess how the intellectual climate is depicted at Elon.  Further, we want to assess how the public views Elon in regard to academics and whether or not this view needs to be updated.


  1. Assess the relationship between academic and student life.



The committee will focus on issues and activities that are not beign addressed by other committees.



Committee Members


The committee will consist of five faculty members;


  • Lisa Beuerle (chair), representing Arts and Sciences
  • Richard McBride, serving as support staff / administrator
  • Carol Smith, representing the School of Education
  • Harlen Makemson, representing the School of Communications
  • Casey DiRienzo, representing the Love School of Business


and four student members who are yet to be selected.



Agenda for Next Year:


  1. Select the four student members for the committee.


  1. Define the specific tasks we will undertake in an effort to address our goals.