To:†††††† Jeff Clark, Chair of Academic Council

From:†† Becky Olive-Taylor


Ref: †††† Advisor Feedback Form

Date:††† March 4, 2004

This email is a progress report concerning a Council initiative from last year.An Advisor Feedback Form was developed in committee, approved by council, opened up to questions at a faculty meeting, and passed on to Academic Affairs Council for implementation with the following recommendations.

         Use the survey constructively to give advisors feedback on studentsí perceptions of the

††††† advising process related to disseminating information for registration and degree planning.


         Since questions regarding mentoring relationships may best be addressed with

departmental specific surveys, we do not recommend including those types of questions

on this instrument.

         The questions on this form should be part of a broader data collection attempt by

††††† departments, schools, or offices to understand and potentially improve advising at Elon.


         The instrumentís title should reflect appropriate use and therefore be called Advisor

††††† Feedback Form.

The form was piloted online with declared majors from the departments of biology and education in spring 2003.Initial statistical data was positive in that inter-item correlations and reliability coefficients for all 18 items yielded an alpha of .81.Preliminary factor analysis yielded 5 factors with eigenvalues greater than 1.Two of those accounted for 42% of the variance.The vast majority of students were satisfied with their advisor and the process.Per Council recommendations, advisors received individual feedback and summary data was given to each department chair.

Problems encountered included poor response rate (25%) and excessive institutional research office support to produce individual reports. With cooperation from departments and faculty, a second pilot in paper format is planned for spring 2004 using high occupancy class times as target populations.Faculty in those time slots would be asked to distribute the forms, collect them, and send them to B. Olive-Taylor in Academic Advising.The reporting process will remain the same so that advisors receive specific feedback and department chairs receive summary data.Administrative computing will support generating reports.

Using class time is not ideal, so this is again a pilot project.It is hoped that a higher response rate will result thus giving advisors more meaningful feedback.The degree of labor intensity for data management is still in question.This trial process will be scrutinized by stakeholders for advantages and disadvantages.At this point, no single best way to get feedback to advisors is identified. Any further recommendations or ideas from Council are welcome.