Academic Council Minutes

March 15, 2002


Present: Lisa Carloye, Jeff Clark, Joyce Davis, Gerry Francis, Don Grady, Todd Lee, Yoram Lubling, Buck McGregor, Becky Olive-Taylor, Tim Peeples, Jean Schwind (chair)

1)      The meeting of elected members was convened at 2:30 PM. The meeting of all members began at 2:52 PM.

2)      The minutes of the February 15, 2002, meeting was approved.

3)      New Business

a)      Council discussed a proposal to amend the by-laws with respect to Admissions Committee membership. The phrase “Coordinator of Transitional Program” should be replaced by the phrase “Coordinator of Transitional Students,” because while Elon still enrolls transitional students, we no longer have a transitional program. The proposal will be presented to the faculty at the April faculty meeting, with a vote to follow in May.

b)       Joyce Davis presented a report from the Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee Review Committee, which studied the size and functioning of the Curriculum Committee. Despite concerns raised by past members about its size, the current Curriculum Committee seems to be functioning well. A majority of the current membership believes that its size is not a problem and that the Committee has worked more efficiently since the move to elected membership, as it no longer spends time on department chair issues and logistics.

The AHCCRC did report some concerns about improving the timing of Committee proposals and ensuring good and timely communication of the Committee's work by its members to their departments.

Some Council members noted that Curriculum Committee minutes are published too late to encourage faculty input or reflection. (They are sometimes posted after curriculum proposals have already been voted on at faculty meetings.) The AHCCRC will bring this issue back to the chair and vice-chair of the Curriculum Committee for discussion.

c)      A faculty member inquired via email about the increase in the number of tenured administrators listed in Council’s Fall Report. Gerry Francis explained that no administrators had been granted tenure while in administrative positions. Two tenured faculty who are now full-time administrators are no longer counted as tenured members of their departments. In addition, two administrators have recently been hired with tenure a part of their initial contract.

Should administrators move back to their departments, their tenure will not be counted as using up tenure slots in those departments.

d)      Council discussed a recommendation from Linda Sabo that the Cultural and Intellectual Programs Committee be formally dissolved as a standing committee. Sabo, Cultural and Intellectual Programs chair, explained in a memo to Council that the work of this committee is already being performed by other groups.

After some discussion, it was resolved that the 2002-2003 Cultural and Intellectual Programs Committee should formally review its charge and those of the Lyceum Committee and the Liberal Arts Forum and then present a proposal to Council regarding the roles of all three groups. (This proposal may possibly recommend the dissolution of the Cultural and Intellectual Programs Committee.)

e)      Gerry Francis reported that NCAA team that visited Elon in February has recommended that we reexamine the Faculty Athletics Committee and the duties with which it is charged in the by-laws. He has already discussed this matter with Jim Drummond (Faculty Athletics Committee chair) and Vicki Hightower (Faculty Athletics Representative).


4)      Follow-up Business

a)      The Elections Committee presented a slate of nominees for the PTP Committee, which was approved.

b)      Council discussed reactions to the proposed evaluation of advising instrument. Some faculty objected that the instrument focused solely on pre-registration and ignored mentoring. Becky Olive-Taylor, chair of the Student Evaluation Instrument Committee, recommended taking more time to consider and respond to these concerns before proceeding, and Council agreed.

c)      Tim Peeples reported on the progress of the Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Status and presented a draft model for teaching load, service expectations, evaluative criteria, terms of contract, etc. for four types of teaching faculty positions. Council examined the model and agreed that it should be shared with faculty and discussed at the April faculty meeting.

d)      The first Distinguished Professor Committee has been appointed. Members are James Bissett, Constance Book, Janie Brown, Rosemary Haskell (chair), Tom Henricks, and Janet Warman. The committee will begin meeting this spring and hopes to name the first distinguished professor in fall 2002.

e)      Mike Kingston represented Council on the Van Safety Committee, which reviewed policies governing the use of school vehicles by faculty and staff. This committee, chair by Smith Jackson, submitted a series of recommendations that Council briefly discussed and approved.

5)      The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Clark