Academic Council Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2001



Members present:  Becky Olive-Taylor, Leo Lambert, Tim Peeples, Lisa Carloye, Jean Schwind, Jeff Clark, Todd Lee, Gerald Francis, Buck McGregor, Joyce Davis, Yoram Lubling, Don Grady, Pam Kiser.


I.                    Pre-meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM.  Jeff Clark was elected vice-chair of Council by acclamation.


II.                 Meeting of full Council called to order at 3:45 PM.


III.               Professor Buck McGregor was welcomed as the new representative to Council from the Love School of Business.


IV.              Minutes were approved from the meeting of May 5, 2001.  Council reviewed and discussed the meeting schedule and committee assignments for the year.


V.                 Discussed Council Priorities, Institutional Priorities, and President’s Objectives for the year.  Discussion focused on concerns and questions regarding the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, the relationship between the University and the Town of Elon, the need for space to conduct student activities for Global Studies and other such academic events, and traffic/parking.


VI.              Council reviewed and clarified the new committees that are working this year.  These are:  1) the Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Status which is reviewing and evaluating the University’s “second track” for teaching faculty and making recommendations about its future, 2) the Ad Hoc Committee on Post-Tenure Review which will study and make recommendations about implementing the post-tenure review process, 3)  the Curriculum Committee Review which will evaluate the current structure and operations of the Curriculum Committee and make recommendations, and 4) the Handbook Liaison who will continue to oversee the revision of the Faculty Handbook as it is revised to reflect the recent reorganization of the University.


VII.            Items for September faculty meeting were discussed.  Mid-term elections will be held to fill vacancies on the Athletics Committee and the Library Committee.  Joyce Davis is securing nominees for these positions.  The Professional Conduct statement was reviewed and discussed.  Revisions were made to the statement changing “college” to “university” and the format of the statement was altered to be consistent with other policies in the Handbook.  Otherwise no changes were made in the policy since Council approved it in Spring 2001.  Recommendations were made as to placement of the policy in the Faculty Handbook.  Council discussed the need for adequate support for faculty who may be charged with violations of this as well as other policies.  Council will continue to examine this concern and study ways this support might be provided.  Council also discussed the possibility of making a recommendation to the Student Life Committee that a similar statement regarding the nature of  faculty-student relationships be developed for the Student Handbook.


VIII.         Other Business


Professor McGregor presented for discussion a proposal from the Love School of Business which sets forth a plan to involve senior faculty more actively in decisions regarding tenure and promotion.  This proposal was in reaction to a concern raised by a consultant who reviewed the LSB and made recommendations to facilitate AACSB accreditation.  Council discussion centered around the advisability of an institution-wide discussion regarding the appropriate role of senior faculty in promotion and tenure decisions.  Council was positive about the more active role of senior faculty in promotion and tenure decisions and felt that this should be discussed as an institution-wide issue.  Concerns were raised about the possibility of introducing multiple methods of  review that would vary from one part of the university to another. The matter will be referred to the Promotions, Tenure, and Professional Status Committee for further consideration.


Council discussed the need for an official Parliamentarian for faculty meetings and recommended to the President that an official Parliamentarian be appointed to fill this vacant position.  The President concurred with the recommendation.


Dr. Lambert discussed two possible new initiatives for the campus, Project Pericles and Campus Compact.  Project Pericles would involve Elon with nine (9) other campuses striving to promote deeper, more meaningful civic engagement among college students.  This project would make available some monies for faculty development efforts directed toward this goal.  Campus Compact is an organization which promotes a sense of civic responsibility among college/university students.  The NC chapter has become inactive and Elon  has the opportunity to take a leadership role in reviving this organization.  Should Elon assume this responsibility, the Campus Compact office would reside here for 3 years, then move elsewhere on a rotating basis.  Council was positive in its reaction to both these initiatives.


Dr. Francis asked to work closely with the Salary and Benefits Committee this year as he works to make progress toward the salary objectives stated in the New Century @ Elon plan


IX.              The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.