Academic Council Meeting

Friday, August 27, 1999

Meeting convened at 3:00 p.m.

Present: Prof. Anderson, Prof. L. Basirico, Provost G. Francis, C.  Fulkerson, Prof. B. Hamm, Prof. Helvey, Prof. M. Kingston, Prof. Lee, Prof. McGregor, Prof. Green, Pres. L. Lambert, Prof. Rubeck, Prof. Thurlow,  VP G. Whittington (Whittington and Fulkerson were present at the request of Council to bring the Council up to date on the College's facilities master plan and on the technology plan.)

Vice President Whittington (Financial and Business Affairs) reviewed the Facilities Master Plan, calling attention to the role and the membership of the committee. Students still need to be appointed by the President. Robert Spillman and Dan Harrigan (consultants), who are helping with the plan, have a long history with Elon College.

The scope and charge to the Facilities Master Plan Committee is as follows:

"The purpose of the facilities master plan is to assess the impact of facility needs at Elon College over the next ten years based on the strategic plan of the College. The plan will address logical campus boundaries,  potential land acquisitions and potential land use. The effect of the new by-pass will also be considered. Also, the plan will address current and future facility needs in all areas of the campus and provide for a plan to address those needs. Finally, the campus community will have significant input into addressing how strategic campus initiatives can be enhanced by facility development."
Whittington emphasized the need for confidentiality in certain aspects of the facility planning process. He also emphasized that the process of facilities planning will be a campus-wide procedure.

Council asked Whittington to explain the relationship between a "strategic plan" and a "facilities plan." Whittington  indicated that the two are intertwined and this will be carefully considered in the planning process.

Chair Anderson asked Whittington to make a presentation at the next Faculty Meeting on facility planning and the process for faculty input. Whittington said that he would respond to questions and provide a brief handout on the facility planning process.

Chris Fulkerson provided an update on the Elon College Vision for Technology -- part of the long range planning process. He reported that a Long Range Planning Committee has worked since last April on a report and this will be available soon to the entire faculty. Fulkerson provided Council with an Executive Summary of the report and responded to Council questions and recommendations on each area of the summary. Fulkerson indicated that faculty would be given opportunities to respond to the technology report before a final document goes to the Board of Trustees in October.

Council Chair asked Fulkerson to make a brief presentation of the committee's report at the next faculty meeting and respond to faculty questions.

Dr. Francis and Dr. Lambert provided an update on academic reorganization, changes to the handbook and responded to issues and questions from Council members. Issues regarding decision making responsibilities, a streamlined process, future organizational models and the centrality of the arts and sciences were discussed. The question of timing was raised by a council member. The need for timeliness in recommendations was emphasized, but Dr. Lambert reassured Council that current deadlines for reports would not override the need to secure thorough input from the faculty.

Dr. Lambert emphasized that all of these task force issues will come before the entire faculty. Council was reassured that broad-based input (views and suggestions) from the entire college community would  be considered.

Council discussed other task force agenda items, such as the development of future graduate programs. It was emphasized that one Task Force will focus on developing a set of principles on which future graduate programs will be considered. Again, Dr. Francis and Dr. Lambert emphasized that each Task Force will seek broad-based faculty input.

Council asked about the relationship between the Reorganization Task Force and the Governance Task Force of Academic Council. Council Chair Anderson asked Dr. Francis and Professor Henricks to report at the September Faculty Meeting on the status of all reorganization inquiries and clarify the difference between the work and responsibilities
of the Reorganization Task Force and the Faculty Governance Task Force.

A current list of all of the faculty committees and their membership was presented to council by Dr. Francis.

Chair Anderson noted the appointment of Brad Hamm by Dr. Lambert to serve on the Budget Committee of the College -- a major Council priority for this year.

Council also discussed the possible expansion of the role of the Health Benefits Committee of Council. This issue will be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Council began discussion of Elon's Affirmative Action policies and will continue this discussion at the next Council meeting.

Council reaffirmed its priorities for the year and the use of a Council web site to communicate better with and receive more input from faculty. The Academic Council web site can be found on the Elon College Home Page on the submenu of Academics.

Clyde Ellis and Jane Wellford were elected by Council to serve on the Honor Code Hearing Board.

Elected members of Council met briefly to discuss future agenda items.

Meeting adjourned by chair at 5:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Larry Basirico

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