Short Version/Unoffical Minutes
of Academic Council Meeting
December 10, 1999
1:00 P. M.

(Official versions will be posted on the Academic Council web after
approval at the next monthly Council meeting.)

Present: Prof. Anderson, Dr. Basirico, Dr. Green, Dr. Hamm, Dr. Helvey, Dr. Kingston, Dr. Lee, Dr. McGregor, Prof. Rubeck, Dr. Thurlow, Dr. Lambert, Dr. Francis.
Guest: Dr. Henricks.

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 P. M.

          Minutes of the last Academic Council were discussed and amended to add "part of" in Dr. Basirico's comments about salary for next year. The motion was made to approve the minutes with change and passed unanimously. The change will be reflected in the posted version of the minutes on the Academic Council home page.

          Prof. Anderson discussed the continuing issue of health care. The subcommittee on health care will be asked to address Council in the spring with a short report on their efforts.  Prof. Anderson noted that he and several other members of Council had received calls regarding the pre-tax meeting with AFLAC. Mr. Klepcyk had been contacted with these concerns and has assured Council that these meetings will only be for the first year sign-up period. After this, only new faculty and staff members will have to meet with the group. The pre-tax exemption will be dealt with in a different manner next year.

          Dr. Lambert introduced for later discussion the technology plan and his vision of its purpose. He sees technology as bringing together the academic and administrative aspects into one group and increasing efficiency.

          The Council discussed spring responsibilities. One issue that will come before Council will be the student evaluation form. The subcommittee will be asked to reconvene and address the tool on a larger scope than last year.

          Dr. Francis was asked to address issues regarding Winter Term. At present, the policy is students are expected to attend winter term and must have a reason if they will not be in class. When asked by Council if the requirement of an appointment to explain a student's absence from winter term and its effect on graduation was not a major policy change, Dr. Francis stated that he would investigate this further and report back to Council at a later date.

          Council turned their attention to the Shared Governance Report and welcomed Dr. Henricks to the meeting. Dr. Henricks had been asked to address questions that Council may have. Prof. Anderson complimented Dr. Henricks and his committee on a well done report which involved consultation and interaction with a large constituency of people from the college community.  Council voted on different recommendations however there will be discussion between Shared Governance and Academic Council before a final version is accepted.
          Recommendation 1 dealt with defining the term faculty and will go to Dr. Lambert and/or Dr. Francis for inclusion in the Faculty Handbook. Dr. Green presented a slightly different version of the terms used to distinguish the various types of personnel. Dr. Green presented new terminology for the three categories of personnel. In Dr. Green's document, the term "Teaching Faculty" remains the same, but "Academic Administrators with Faculty Rank" and "Academic Support Staff with Faculty Rank" will be substituted for "Administrative Faculty" and "Academic Support Faculty." Descriptions will remain the same. After discussion, this terminology was accepted.

          Recommendation 2 was presented. Discussion followed regarding the term "professional." A motion was made that the subcommittee meet to clarify wording and the motion passed.

          Discussion on recommendation 3 regarding promotion and rank led to a proposed change. Council felt that criteria and procedures for promotion for administrators and academic support staff with rank need to be established. This change will be reflected in the final document.

          In recommendation 4, Dr. Lambert expressed concern in regard to the phrasing of the preface. The subcommittee will be asked to consider this issue before it sending it to the Board.

          The items in recommendation 5 in regard to Council were discussed. The committee section will be deleted.

          Recommendation 6 was accepted without discussion.

          Recommendation 7 is a bylaw change that affects membership and term of service of Academic Council. This recommendation was tabled until a later date.

          Recommendation 8 was accepted after it was stated that Academic Council chair had been granted release time of one course in recognition of his work.

          Recommendation 9 is a bylaw change concerning the manner in which the faculty meetings are conducted. Again, the subcommittee was asked to consider the tone of the request in the final document.

          The Curriculum Committee, as discussed in recommendations 10 through14, were discussed and tabled until a later date.

          Dr. Lambert asked for the opportunity to discuss recommendations 16 through 21 regarding the Trustees. While Council supported these recommendations unanimously, Dr. Lambert felt that the Trustees might be unable to establish additional meetings as outlined in these recommendations. Additionally, Dr. Lambert asked that issues of phrasing be addressed. The subcommittee will be asked to consider this issue before sending it to the Board. Dr. Lambert also updated Council on the technology plan. These details are being finalized and will be presented to the College in the near future.
          Dr. Lambert had to leave the meeting after his presentation and discussion returned to the Shared Governance Report. Recommendation 25 was accepted with changes in regard to definition of "duty."

          Recommendation 26, after discussion in regard to student representation and NCAA requirements, was accepted. After discussion, recommendation 27 was passed with some reservation with requirements.

          Recommendation 28 regarding the Council's role in classifying standing and advisory committees will be investigated and discussed during the spring. No action will be taken until that time.

          Recommendations 29-31 relate to academic support staff with faculty rank. The opportunity to serve on committees has been available to all with faculty rank in the past. The forms Council uses to solicit interest will be changed to clearly indicate service is available to all personnel with faculty rank.

          Recommendation 30 was accepted with wording change which will be included in the final document.

         The evaluation process and professional development issue for academic support staff with faculty rank raised in recommendation 31 were discussed and passed with clarification regarding funding of professional development.

         The Council addressed recommendations 22-24 as a group. The recommendation was made that membership be adjusted to include both the President and the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. All motions were passed.

        The Trustee recommendations (16-21) were discussed. The President had mentioned these earlier but Council felt further discussion was necessary.

        Discussion ensued and Council decided to ask for representation at the Educational Affairs Committee meeting.

        Recommendation 20 was approved while recommendations 15-21 will be revised with regard to phrasing.

        Dr. Henricks at this point was thanked and left the meeting.

        The Council addressed the issue of the Graduate Council. Council suggested that this committee needs to be on the same footing as other committees with the election of the chair. Present duties need to be investigated. This will be one of the committees under discussion this spring.

        The Budget was discussed with suggestions solicited. Interest in an escrow account for the purpose of substantial future salary increases was accepted as part of the recommendation. Benefits, health insurance for retirees, and travel are concerns for the year. Council expressed the need for an increase in travel funds to allow people to attend conferences even if they are not presenting. Dr. Francis noted he has already requested an increase in this area.

          Prof. Anderson asked for further business.

          There being none, Council adjourned at 4:55 P. M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Martindale

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