Short Version/Unoffical Minutes
of Academic Council Meeting
October 15, 1999
2:30 P. M.

(Official versions will be posted on the Academic Council web after approval at the November 12th Council meeting.)

Anderson, Basirico, Green, Hamm, Helvey, Kingston, Lee, McGregor, Rubeck, Thurlow, Francis, Lambert.
Guests: Clark, Henricks, Schwind

Minutes from last meeting were approved.

Dr. Clark reported that the addendum to the LRPC technology report addressed his committee's concerns, but also stressed, the importance of  security for the college's technology; increased support staff; and quantitative measures for how the goals will be meet. Dr. Clark  presented other concerns the committee held in regard to future use  of email and E-net.

General Studies Director
Dr. Schwind reported that the General Studies Council had completed a draft for the position search for a new General Studies director.  The Council decided that the search would be limited to Elon candidates due to their knowledge of the current General Studies structure and of the faculty available to teach GST courses. Dr. Schwind stated that the search
committee expected to complete its  job by December 1.


Dr. McGregor said the committee had looked at how a number of other colleges handle their academic structures and that three subcommittees were developing models for Elon's organizational structure. In November, the information would be distributed for the faculty to review and discuss.  Dr. Francis said the committee wanted to go public with early items well
before any structures were finalized so that there would be public discussion and input.

Shared Governance

Dr. Henricks reported for the Academic Council subcommittee on shared governance. The subcommittee began in  February with a series of focus groups with departments, held discussions on what "faculty" and "shared governance" means, and completed focus groups with academic support faculty to see how they considered their roles as faculty.

The Council requested that the subcommittee bring its report to the Academic Council and that the Council meet with the entire subcommittee to discuss the report.

Technology Follow-up

Dr. Lambert said he wanted to begin campus-wide discussions with many different groups on how to implement specific issues in the technology report. The report was presented to the Board of Trustees at its October meeting. Dr. Lambert said the trustees reacted very positively to the plan.

The next step is to work with the budget committee and bring a plan to the trustees in March on how to pay for the recommendations in the technology report.

Dr. Lambert said the trustees also heard reports on the increased focus on academics and a facilities master plan, and trustees voted to change the college's mascot. Council approved the appointment of Dr. Kyle Torke and Dr. Janie Brown to the committee in charge of developing a new athletics identity.

Role of Chairs

Prof. Anderson asked about the status of the report on the role of chairs, which had been given by the Academic Council to Dr. Maher last year.   Dr. Francis said the report had 4 basic recommendations and 8 secondary recommendations. Some of the basic recommendations have been made while the eight secondary recommendations have been taken to the deans and the reorganization committee.


The Council discussed the college's hiring policies related to diversity. Dr. Francis spoke of Dr. Orlando Taylor's talk on  diversity and said that search committees have a commitment to go out and do the search in an appropriate manner.

Dr. Lambert said that the college's legal commitment is to the EEO statement for hiring. He said that hiring a diverse faculty and staff in a nondiscrimatory manner is an administrative priority.

Council asked what should be the procedure if there were problems in the search. Dr. Francis said the committee should go to the dean. If there were further questions or problems, the provost would meet with the dean and the committee members.

Dr. Lambert said that Dr. Taylor's message was that the hiring process includes a commitment to the importance of intellectual diversity that transcends other factors. Dr. Lambert said the college needed to have some teeth in its procedures, and that it was the provost's responsibility to shut down the search if it were not done correctly.   In response to a question, Dr. Lambert said the college had no hiring quotas.

Faculty Evaluations

Dr. Basirico said that after discussion at the October faculty meeting, there appeared to be no serious objections to the  new faculty evaluation forms. Some changes in the document, such as the wording of questions, will be made after the suggestions from faculty. The old evaluation form will be used this fall with the goal of having a new evaluation form ready for Fall 2000.

Fall Report

Dr. Green brought before Council the preliminary fall report.

Council dismissed at 5:35 P. M.

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