Academic Council Meeting

Friday, April 21, 2000

The meeting was convened in the History Seminar Room at 2:30 p.m.

Present:  Prof. Anderson, Dr. Green, Dr. Helvey, Dr. Kingston, Dr. Lee, Dr. McGregor, Prof. Rubeck, Dr. Thurlow.  President Lambert and Provost Francis would join the meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Council discussed the committee election ballot presented by Dr. Helvey and Prof. Rubeck.  One correction was noted to the document:  Seena Granowsky will be nominated to fill the Nancy Midgette spot on PT and T.  Prof. Anderson will conduct a divisional vote via e?mail with members of Social Sciences division to replace Dr. Midgette on Academic Council.  Following a brief discussion of the ballot, Council approved it for distribution with the agenda for the May faculty meeting.  Prof. Rubeck will provide Linda Martindale with necessary corrections and additions prior to that time.

Bob Anderson reminded Council that we will likely need everyone's assistance with ballots and tallying votes at the next faculty meeting.

Council briefly discussed the results of the priority survey analysis.  Some of the issues which surfaced included:   faculty salaries, issues related to professional & tenure track, and class size.  These and others will be considered by Council at the planning retreat on May 6 which will begin at 10:00 a.m in Moseley 221.

Laura Helvey introduced information from a salary comparison with the Association of New American Colleges.   Some concern was raised regarding how these numbers were compared and whether benefits were included?

Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Ms. LePors, Mr. Springer, and Dr. Bill Rich from the Academic Standing Committee joined Council.  Mr. Springer presented new results of his analysis of the study of the relationship of student grades (as viewed on the course evaluation form) to the faculty score on the student evaluations.  The analysis revealed a statistically significant positive correlation between students' anticipated grade and their evaluation of the faculty member.  Also, analysis revealed that, although statistically significant, the correlation represented (accounted for) a relatively small amount of variance between anticipated grade and faculty member evaluation.  Additionally, analysis showed a slight difference in separate correlations computed for male versus female student responses.  Council considered how this information might be distributed to the faculty at large.  It was decided that the standing committee itself should consider this question and report back to Council.  Some issues to consider:

Mr. Springer and the committee were thanked for their fine work on this project.

Rosemary Haskell, Mike Sanford, and Bill Hightower from the Tenure Task Force joined Academic Council for a discussion of issues related to tenure and professional status.  Concerns have been raised with Council from several faculty which prompts this discussion.  Key issues were:

Council members will continue discussions with the President and the Provost on the matters listed above.

Council discussed the possibility of recommending changes in the time frame for those switching from professional status to tenure track positions and the length of the contract awarded those who have professional status.  Discussion also ensued on whether the professional contract should be longer than its current two-year limit.  It was decided that this would become an ongoing discussion between Council and administration.

President Lambert and Provost Francis addressed the issue of open tenure-track positions.  They emphasized that discussion of tenure should involve deans, chairs, and all department members.

The issue of Budget Allocations Priorities was tabled due to President Lambert's and Provost Francis's having to attend another meeting.

Tom Green distributed copies of the current draft of the Spring Report to the Faculty.  This included numerous additional pages and standing committee reports.

Council discussed how to view salary comparisons with the New American Colleges.  The figures should consider whether benefits are included in these comparisons.  Members of Council also agreed that a comparison of North Carolina schools was still important and should accompany the new information.

Council thanked Tom Green for his work on the Spring Report.  He, in turn, thanked Todd Lee for his assistance, and acknowledged the invaluable work of Linda Martindale toward the completion of the report.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:04 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Fred Rubeck

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