I. Subcommittee Membership.

In February 1999, the Academic Council appointed a subcommittee to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the role of faculty in institutional governance. That subcommittee included the following divisional representatives: Jim Bissett (representing Social Sciences), Wilhelmina Boyd (Arts/Humanities), Terri Johnson (Math/Science), Doug Redington (Love School of Business), and Deborah Thurlow (HPLHP/Education). Barry Beedle and Victoria Fischer served as at-large members. Tom Henricks was appointed by the Council as subcommittee chair and Gerry Francis was administrative liaison.

In May 1999, two academic support faculty, Jim Donathan and Connie Keller, were appointed by the Council to join the subcommittee. In September1999, Terri Johnson left the subcommittee to assume a one-year teaching position at Clemson University.

Although the AVP/Provost worked closely with the subcommittee, his participation should not be interpreted as an endorsement of every recommendation made in this document.

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