The following list of administrative and academic support faculty is drawn from the 1999-2000 Elon College Catalog. This list is presented here largely for illustrative purposes; that is, it gives readers of this report an understanding of the numbers and kinds of positions with faculty status. As such, the list does not reflect recent hires or other changes in status by members of these groups. Furthermore, it may contain errors resulting from omissions in the catalog or in the compilation of the list itself.

It should be noted that the list also contains members who have faculty rank at the instructor level. Such faculty do not have voting rights in faculty meetings unless they teach at least eighteen semester hours during the academic year.

Administrative Faculty

Albertson, Mark*
Asst. Professor

Dillashaw, F. Gerald*
Prof. of Education
Dean of Division, HPEL/Ed.

Francis, Gerald*
Prof. of Mathematics and Computing Sciences

Gill, Russell*
Prof. of English
Dean of Division of Arts and Humanities

Gundersen, Joan*
Rank unclear
Dean of Social Sciences

Hickey, Kate*
Associate Professor Director of the Iris Holt McEwen Library

Jackson, G. Smith
Asst. Professor
Vice President and Dean of Students

Lambert, Leo
Professor of Education

Murphy. James*
Asst. Prof. of Mathematics and Computing Sciences
Asst. Director of Academic Computing

Perkins, Nan
Asst. Professor
Dean of Admissions and Financial Planning

Reichard Rosalind*
Prof. of Mathematics
Dean of Mathematics and Sciences

Rich, Lela Faye*
Asst. Professor of History
Director of Advising/Career Services

Rich, William*
Professor of Religious Studies
Dean of International and Special Programs
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Rogers, Elizabeth*
Professor of Physical Therapy
Asst. Dean and Chair of the PT Department

White, Alan
Professor. of HPLHP
Athletic Director

Whittington, Gerald
Vice President for Business and Finance

Wise, Mary*
Associate Professor
Asst. Dean of Academic Affairs

Number = 17
*Member of Academic Affairs Council

Academic Support Faculty
Assistant Professor Rank or Above

Baker, Martin
Asst. Prof. of Phys. Ed. and Health
Athletic Trainer

Bradberry, Barry
Asst. Professor
Associate Dean of Admissions/Financial Planning

Brumbaugh, Pamela
Asst. Professor
Director of Experiential Education
Associate Director of Career Services Center

Danieley, J. Earl
T.E. Powell Professor of Chemistry;
President Emeritus

Donathan, M. James
Asst. Professor
Associate Director of Academic Advising

Fulkerson, Christopher
Asst. Professor of Communications
Director of Learning Resources

Haworth, Priscilla
Asst. Professor
Associate Director of Academic Advising

Keller, Connie
Asst. Professor
Technical Services Librarian

Klepcyk, Ron
Asst. Professor
Director of Human Resources

Lepors, Teresa
Asst. Professor
Public Services/Reference Librarian

Marien, Stacey
Asst. Professor
Reference Librarian

McBride, Richard
Asst. Professor of Religious Studies
College Chaplain

Morningstar, T. William
Asst. Professor of HPLHP
Golf Coach, Director of Athletic Fundraising

Olive-Taylor, Rebecca
Asst. Professor of English
Asst. Director of Academic Advising

Orndorff, Robert
Asst. Professor
Director of Career Services

Parham, E. Thomas
Assoc. Professor of HPLHP
Asst. Athletic Director; Tennis Coach

Paul, Brenda
Asst. Professor of Physical Education
Women's Basketball Coach

Seagraves, Al
Asst, Professor of HPLHP
Head Football Coach

Sigmon, Susan
Asst. Professor
Associate Registrar

Simons, Mark
Asst. Prof. of HPLHP
Men's Basketball Coach

Swint, Steven
Asst. Professor
Asst. Director of Career Services

Tosko, Michael
Asst. Professor
Reference/Instruction Librarian

Troxler, George
Professor of History
Coordinator of Cultural Programs

Walch, Resa
Asst. Professor of HPLHP
Director of Substance Education

Waters, Rexford
Asst. Professor of HPLHP
Asst. Dean of Student Affairs

West, Laura
Asst. Professor
Serials/Government Documents Librarian

Williams, Jo Watts
Professor of Education
Special Asst. to the President

Number = 27

Academic Support Faculty
Instructor Rank

Apke, Patrick
Instructor, HPLHP
Assistant Football Coach

Haskins, Joel
Instructor, HPLHP
Men s Assistant Basketball Coach

Holthouser, Will
Instructor, HPLHP
Assistant Football Coach

Kennedy, Mike
Instructor in Physical Education
Head Basketball Coach

Pharr, Julie
Instructor in HPLHP
Head Women s Softball Coach

Reilly, Michael
Instructor in HPLHP
Men s Soccer Coach

Shorten, Jim
Instructor in Sports Medicine
Asst. Athletics Trainer

Trevathan, Henry
Instructor in HPLHP
Assistant Football Coach

Webster, Paul
Instructor in HPLHP
Women s Head Soccer Coach

Weller, Paul
Rank Unclear
Science Lab Manager

Number = 10

Faculty Rank by Administrative Office

Administrative Officers and Staff (3)
Francis, Lambert, Williams

Academic Advising/Career Services (7)
Brumbaugh, Donathan, Haworth, Olive-Taylor, Orndorff, Rich, L., Swint

Academic Affairs (8)
Burbridge, Dillashaw, Gill, Gundersen, Reichard, Rich, W., Rogers, Wise

Academic Computing (1)

Accounting (0)

Admissions and Financial Planning (2)
Bradberry, Perkins

Athletic Affairs (17)
Apke, Baker, Haskins, Holthouser, Kennedy, Morningstar, Pharr, Paul, Parham, Reilly, Shorten Seagraves, Simons, Trevathan, Walch, Webster, White

Auxiliary Services (0)
Business and Finance (1)

Human Resources (1)

Library/Learning Resources (7)
Fulkerson, Hickey, Keller, Lepors, Marien, Tosko, West

Physical Plant (0)

Purchasing (0)

Registrar's Office (2)
Albertson, Sigmon

Safety and Police (0)

Student Affairs/Chaplain (3)

Jackson, McBride, Waters

Other (3)
Danieley, Troxler, Weller

Total: 55

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