Instructions:  Please indicate the extent to which you disagree or agree with each of the following statements.
Strongly Disagree = 1, Disagree = 2, Undecided = 3, Agree = 4, Strongly Agree = 5

Course Organization and Goals

 1.     The instructor has clear student learning objectives for the course.

 2.     The instructor's classes are well prepared and well organized.


 3.     The instructor communicates course material clearly and effectively.

 4.     The instructor displays enthusiasm for the subject.

 5.     The instructor summarizes or emphasizes important points in class.

Faculty/Student Interaction

 6.     The instructor stimulates my thinking about the subject.

 7.     The instructor provides ample opportunity for student support outside class.

 8.     The instructor expresses genuine concern about student progress in the course.

Assignments, Exams, and Grading

 9.     The instructor provides useful feedback on exams and assignments.

10.    The instructor clearly indicates how my work will be evaluated.

The Student

11.     My class standing at Elon is:
          (1)  Freshman,  (2)  Sophomore,   (3)  Junior,   (4) Senior,   (5)  Other

12.     The relationship of this course to my major is
          (1)  In major field.       (2)   Required for major.     (3)  Required for minor.
          (4)  General Studies    (5)   Elective Course

13.     My cumulative grade point average to date is
          (1)  4.0 - 3.5     (2)  3.4 - 3.0     (3)  2.9 - 2.5      (4)   2.4 - 2.0     (5) Under 2.0

14.     My current grade in this course is
          (1)   A,     (2)  B,      (3)  C,     (4)  D,      (5)  F

15.     I have put a lot of effort into this course compared to other courses.

In order to aid the developmental aspect of the evaluation, your constructive feedback on the following
questions is appreciated.

Open-Ended Questions:

1.     Comment on aspects of the instructor's teaching style that helped the learning process.
        (Half page left for response.)

2.     Comment on aspects of the instructor's teaching style that could be improved upon
        to help the learning process.

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