Committee on Academic Reorganization




Gerald Francis, Provost and VP Academic Affairs
Tom Henricks, Professor of Sociology


Mike Calhoun, Professor of HPLHP
Nancy Harris, Associate Professor of Biology
William Rich, Dean of International Programs
Kate Hickey, Head Librarian
Jerry Dillashaw, Dean of Education/HPLHP
Russ Gill, Dean of Arts and Humanities
Mike Sanford, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Paul Fromson. Associate Professor of 
Rosemary Haskell, Associate Professor of 
Buck McGregor, Associate Professor of 
Matt Syno, Student Appointed by SGA President
Barbara Walsh, Clerical Staff


The Committee on Academic Reorganization is charged to review the current structure of academic affairs and to recommend a new structure to the President through a report that addresses the following:

1.    What organizational structure for academic affairs will strengthen the overall educational
        program, streamline decision-making, and improve organizational effectiveness?

2.    How can the centrality of Arts and Sciences and General Studies be enhanced through

3.    Should the College add new schools such as education, communication, allied health,
       law, . . . ?

4.    How can the importance of international programming and the significance of technology
       be enhanced through reorganization?

5.    How can the roles and responsibilities of other Vice Presidents (Student Life, Enrollment
       Management, Business & Finance, Institutional Advancement) better support the central
       academic mission?

This review should be conducted during the fall semester with a report to the President by
December 1.

The report will advise the President in his responsibility of determining the organizational structure of the College.

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