Academic Council Minutes
Friday, September 18, 1998

Present: Bob Anderson, Barry Beedle, Bob Blake, Anne Bolin, Steve Braye (chair), Brian
Digre, Julianne Maher (sitting in for Gerry Francis), Buck McGregor, David Nawrocki,
Fred Rubeck, Debbie Thurlow.

  I.   The meeting began at 2:35 P. M.

 II.   The August Minutes were approved.

III.   Statement of Academic Freedom.
        Digre presented a working draft of the revised Academic Statement along with another
        draft of only the opening paragraph written by Rosemary Haskell. The preamble to be
        written by Richard McBride is not yet available. The preamble is intended to place the
        Academic Freedom statement in the context of Elon College's history and tradition.
        Discussion centered on whether the Academic Freedom statement should make
        references to Christianity or religion in general. Council feels that religious references
        more properly belong elsewhere. Faculty by-laws, Article 10, section 2, p. 14 of 16
        refer to Christian behavior and the Elon College Mission Statement takes religion into
        account. The final version of the Academic Freedom Statement to be presented to the
        Faculty will result from revisions made via e-mail. Council expects to present the total
        proposed Academic Freedom Statement with preamble at the November faculty
        meeting. Since this involves a change in the Faculty By-Laws, it would be voted on
        at the December meeting.

IV.   Honor Code.
        Maher presented changes in the adjudication of the Honor Code.  A single hearing
        board has been established to deal with violations of the Honor Code and other egregious
        student violations. The committee will consist of five students, four faculty, and two
        representatives from Student Life. Council wishes to appoint the faculty members of
        this committee. The committee will decide on appropriate administrative punishment.
        Any academic punishment would remain with the faculty member. The purpose of this
        new hearing board is to eliminate the "Star Chamber" atmosphere surrounding Honor
        Code violations, to bring them out in the open.  It is understood that the use of such a
        board is fraught with potentially unpleasant situations but that academic integrity is
        of overriding importance and justifies this revised approach in dealing with violations
        of the Honor Code.

V.    Discussion of Department Chairs Is Ongoing.

VI.   Elon College Web Policy.
        Maher indicated the College needs an intranet in addition to the internet connection to
        the Web. An intranet system secure from outside intrusion is a necessity. The current
        Elon College World Wide Web Policy governs the internet only. The policy is now in
        effect but it needs more discussion and refinement.

VII.  Budget Committee.
        Maher described the timeline of the Budget Committee, viz., Vice President for Business
        and Finance sends out budget request in late October, vice presidents make their requests
        in early December. Budget Committee meets in December and January. By mid
        February budget recommendations are completed to be presented to the Finance
        Committee of the Board of Trustees in March.

VIII. It is thought that the finalists for president of Elon College will visit the campus during
         the week of September 28. Written responses regarding the candidates are encouraged,
         but they need to be timely as a recommendation by that committee to the Board of
         Trustees is expected to be made in October.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p. m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert G. Blake
Secretary Pro-tem

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