Academic Council Minutes
Friday, August 21, 1998

Present: Bob Anderson, Barry Beedle, Anne Bolin, Steve Braye (Chair), Brian Digre (recording) Gerry Francis, Julianne Maher (guest), Buck McGregor, David Nawrocki, Fred Rubeck, Debbie Thurlow

  I.     The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm.

 II.     Issues for Discussion

         A.   Council reviewed the academic council packet for 1998-1999.
                1.    It was recommended that under Article VI, section 1 membership of
                       academic council division 4 be changed to Education and HPEL.
                2.   The following subcommittee assignments were agreed on:
                       a.   Budget: Buck McGregor and David Nawrocki
                       b.   Long-Range Planning Liaison: Brian Digre
                       c.   Elections: Anne Bolin and Bob Anderson
                       d.   Standing Committees Coordination: Brian Digre
                       e.    Fall and Spring Reports: Fall - Bob Blake and Debbie Thurlow;
                              Spring - Fred Rubeck and Barry Beedle
                       f.     Health Care: Anne Bolin, Bob Blake and Barry Beedle
                3.    Council reviewed the academic calendar, agreeing to continue meeting the third
                       Friday of every month.
                       a.    Council and the administration agreed to meet on May 8, 1999 to review the
                              academic year and discuss institutional priorities.

                B.   Reports on Summer Items
                      1.    Institutional Priorities for 1998-1999 and detailed supporting material had
                             been distributed to Council. Dr. Francis briefly described the process of
                             developing institutional priorities. This included a summer meeting with
                             available council members.
                      2.    Developments in Presidential Search Committee, including Wednesday
                             lunch with faculty, described by Dr. Braye.

                C.   On-going Ad-Hoc Committees
                       Dr. Braye urged that all produce reports or complete their work this academic
                       year.  The existing ad-hoc committees are:
                       1.   Department Chairs - Braye (chair), Janie Brown, Haworth, Midgette,
                       2.   Student Instrument (for Evaluation) - Nawrocki (chair), Basirico,
                             Thurlow, Drummond, Levesque, Burbridge
                       3.   Faculty Evaluation - Braye (chair), Dillashaw, Bolin, King, Lilly

               D.    Additional committees with Council representation:
                       1.   Anderson and Blake are serving on the Fifth-Year Review Committee.
                             Blake is the Academic Council liaison.
                        2.  Rubeck agreed to serve as Academic Council's representative on the
                             Long Range Planning Committee subcommittee on academic affairs.

                E.    Academic Freedom Statement. Dr. Digre described the current status of efforts
                       to revise the statement, including the existence of a second academic freedom
                       statement in the faculty bylaws (Article X, Section 1). Council decided to table
                       the existing resolution to revise the statement at the September faculty meeting
                       and create an ad-hoc subcommittee to seek further faculty input and develop
                       a new academic freedom statement. Members of the subcommittee are
                       Anderson, Bolin, Digre (chair), Francis, Haskell and Thurlow.

   III.        Adjournment
                The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Digre

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