Academic Council Minutes
Friday, March 19, 1999

Present: Dr. Steve Braye, Dr. Brian Digre, Dr. Anne Bolin, Professor Bob Anderson,
             Professor Fred Rubeck, Dr. Debbie Thurlow, Dr. Buck McGregor, Dr. Dave
             Nawrocki, Dr. Barry Beedle, Dr. Julianne Maher, Dr. Gerry Francis, and
             Dr. Leo Lambert.

Meeting began at 2:35

The following changes were made to last month's minutes:   Faculty salaries in item III of the minutes were corrected to read "1500 in addition to the 4%", and "Faculty Research and
Development" was changed to "Faculty Development".   The minutes were then approved.

Budget Update
     A budget update was presented. The library budget plan was approved by the Budget
     Committee as was the addition of 16 new faculty lines. Academic Council was informed
     of a 2% base faculty salary increase and a 2% equity/merit increase for the new budget.
     The question was raised concerning who decides upon the individual pay increases. Dr.
     Maher responded that the department chairs and deans primarily determine the
     individual pay increases.

     The new budget will include $100,000.00 for faculty development.  A question was
     asked regarding the appropriation of these funds.  Dr. Maher noted that there is a strong
     interest in sabbaticals and travel increases among the faculty, but nothing is currently
     set in stone.  Dr. Lambert suggested that part of the faculty development funds could be
     devoted to helping introduce technology into classes. Dr. Braye asked about the
     proposed timeline in conjunction with the appropriation of these funds. Dr. Francis
     replied that in dealing with faculty development, May 1 is a reasonable date; but, in
     regard to technology funding, more time may be needed to study the situation.  Dr.
     Lambert feels that sabbaticals, travel funding, and research grants will be the foundation
     for the appropriation.

     Dr. Braye initiated a discussion concerning how decisions are made to determine the
     number of support staff needed across campus. Dr. Maher and Dr. Francis indicated
     that currently there are:

                     1    secretary in the science division
                     1    secretary in the social sciences division
                     1    secretary in the humanities
                     1    secretary in the arts and communications
                     1.5 secretary in the business school
                     3    secretaries in HPEL and Education.

     Currently there are plans to add:

                     1      full time support position for the math/science division
                     1      full time support position for social sciences
                     1/2   support position for the business school
                     1/2   support position for the MPT program
                     1      full time position for International Student Advising.

     Dr. Lambert noted that support staff have expressed a desire for more training in the use
     of technology.  Dr. Braye posed the question regarding clerical support for
     journalism/communications when that department moves to the old library. Dr. Maher
     informed the Council that clerical and technical support for this move has not been clarified.
     Dr. Braye then asked about the proposed new position to help faculty with grant writing.
     Dr. Francis said that an advertisement has been placed in the Chronicle of Higher
     Education.  Dr. Lambert informed Academic Council that he would like to see the
     grant-writer position help with the writing of major institutional grants.

     Dr. Lambert informed Council that the trustees were concerned with the 6% tuition
     increase for students this year.  Trustees viewed this increase as being large. Dr. Lambert
     asked the Long Range Planning Committee to put together a 3-year plan for the
     implementation of technology.  He would like to see this plan completed by August, and
     the Board of Trustees would like to see the proposal by October.

     A draft report from the Subcommittee on Department Chairs was distributed to Council.
     Dr. Braye said that a final draft would be distributed in April and asked the members
     of Council to review the draft.  A meeting between Dr. Braye, the deans, and the
     subcommittee will occur soon to finalize the report. If major changes need to be made,
     Dr. Braye will contact council.

     Dr. Lambert indicated that the Association of New American Colleges might be willing
     to accept a membership application from Elon College.  This association, a collection
     of private, comprehensive, midsize colleges, could serve as a national peer group for
     the college.  Dr. Lambert feels that we need this peer group to have a comparison basis
     and believes this that joining this organization would be a good way to increase our
     national visibility and provide us a learning opportunity with other institutions. The
     application deadline was uncertain.

PP&T Nominations
     Nominations for PP&T were presented and discussed.

     In regards to the nomination form for elected and appointed committees, the Academic
     Council has decided to add a comment line with more explicit instruction. This comment
     line will be used by tenure track faculty to indicate a strong preference or need to serve
     on a particular committee.

     Academic Council's retreat has been set for Saturday, May 8. From 9:00 - 11:30 A. M.,
     Council will discuss priorities for the next year and the election of a new chair. During the
     afternoon session, Dr. Lambert, Dr. Francis, and Dr. Maher will be in attendance and

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 P. M.

Respectfully submitted,

David Nawrocki

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