Academic Council Minutes
Friday, February 19, 1999

Present: Bob Anderson, Barry Beedle, Bob Blake, Anne Bolin, Steve Braye, Brian Digre,
Gerry Francis, Leo Lambert, Julianne Maher, Buck McGregor, David Nawrocki, Fred
Rubeck, Deborah Thurlow

  I.    The meeting began at 2:35 PM.

 II.    The December Minutes were approved.

 III.   Budget Update
         Braye reported meeting with Dr. Francis prior to Christmas to share and discuss the
         five recommendations from Academic Council to the Budget Committee. Francis
         reported that in the current draft of the budget, all five recommendations are being

 IV.   Six-Year Review and Enhancement
         Maher, chair of the committee, reported that the Board is interested in a Post-Tenure
         Review process. The proposal presented to Council dovetails with the existing
         structures in the faculty handbook and is designed to be both formative and summative.
         This process provides an opportunity for senior faculty accomplishments to be recognized
         by peers and others on campus. It provides a more global review than the Unit I or the
         Unit III. A positive review would result in the awarding of $2000. The Six-Year Review
         committee was asked by Council to address a number of issues:
                Who will have the final say as to whether the review is positive or negative?
                Why is the dean in a position of determining "up" or "down?"
                 Could this process be developmental?
                 Is a positive or negative report necessary?
                 What is the purpose of the penalty? What will be gained by using a penalty?
                 Could the process be streamlined? Are we not duplicating some effort here?
                 Should the difference between professional incompetence and living up to
                       expectations be clarified? (We already have in place a means for removing
                       people who are incompetent.)
                 Could the document be made more formative?
                 Does this document "weaken" tenure?
                 How might the $2,000 be allocated? Across the board?  According to need?
                 How can the wording of the document be changed so that indicators are
                       expressed in measureable terms?
                 How does the document reflect the responsibilities that are specifically relegated
                        to senior faculty?  Mentoring?  Visibility?  Involvement?

 V.    Long Range Planning Committee Report
         Digre reported that the four subcommittees of the Long Range Planning Committee
         have nearly completed their work.  The subcommittees are making recommendations
         for sophomore housing, parking, academic programs, and computers on campus.
         The next items for discussion will be identifying peer institutions, exploring the impact
         of distance education, and planning for "downtown" Elon.

VI.    Committee Nominations
         Bolin presented a slate of nominees for positions on Academic Council: Larry
         Basirico (Social Science), Tom Green (Social Science), Brad Hamm
         (Arts/Humanities), Laura Helvey (Social Science), Mike Kingston (Math/Science).
         All positions are at-large. Blake moved to accept the slate. Nominations for PP&T
         will be forthcoming in April and other committee nominations in May.

VI.    The meeting was adjourned at 4:35.

Submitted by Deborah Thurlow

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