Academic Council Minutes
Friday, December 11, 1998

Present: Bob Anderson, Barry Beedle, Bob Blake, An Bolin, Steve Braye (chair), Brian Digre,
      Gerald Francis, Julianne Maher, David Narwocki, Fred Rubeck, Debbie Thurlow.
Not Present: Buck McGregor

The December meeting of the Academic Council was convened on December 11, 1998 at
1:40 P. M. in the History Seminar Room.

Minutes form the November meeting were approved.

        Steve Braye presented a slate of potential members of the new task force. The list was
        discussed, Steve Braye will contact those on the final list for confirmation and then
        inform council and the college community of the final membership.

        A discussion followed regarding the status of the Provost on this task force. Ultimately
        the council decided that Provost Francis should remain on that task force as a full
        member in order to facilitate the work of the task force and to establish its own
        operation as a model for the very goal of  the group--shared governance.

        What shall be the "charge" of this task force? Council discussed this topic and arrived
        at major topic/tasks to be addressed by this task force. Steve Braye will draft a final
        version of this list for distribution.  Council will request that the task force make a
        preliminary report by May of 1999, with the understanding that some of the work
        of the group may continue into the summer/fall.

         Council discussed the results of the budget survey (distributed to the faculty this fall)
         and received reports from Head Librarian, Kate Hickey, and Stephanie Henley,
         Assistant Director of Information Services, outlining the staffing and budget needs
         in those areas. Major points of discussion included salary compression at the rank
         of full professor, the current plan for adding new faculty over the next few years,
         the current number of sabbaticals awarded (and the number of sabbaticals needed),
         support staff needs (secretarial, computing services, library), library budget, faculty

         Dr. Maher and Dr. Francis then withdrew from the meeting to allow council to
         discuss its budget priority requests. Council discussed the various budget items
         and formulated a preliminary list of priorities. Steve Braye will draft a new list
         which will be distributed to council members for response prior to its final

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

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