Academic Council Minutes
Friday, October 16, 1998

Present: Bob Anderson, Barry Beedle, Bob Blake, Steve Braye (chair), Brian Digre, Buck McGregor, David Nawrocki, Fred Rubeck, Debbie Thurlow, Gerry Francis.

   I.   Report by Brian Digre on Academic Freedom Statement.
        Brian Digre presented a revised draft of the Academic Freedom Statement (presented to
        Academic Council Friday, September 18, 1998).  The revised draft included a preamble
        written by Richard McBride as well as additions by Rosemary Haskell. Academic Council
        discussed the statement. Various concerns were voiced, discussed and further revisions
        suggested.  Academic Council agreed that the issue of monetary gain should not be placed in
        the Academic Freedom Statement but should be placed elsewhere in the Faculty Handbook.
        The revised Academic Freedom Statement will be presented to faculty for discussion at the
        November meeting and voted on in the December Faculty meeting.

 II.   Discussion of Item VII
        Discussion of Item VII of the Agenda was presented as the second issue of discussion. Buck
        McGregor and David Nawrocki reported on Budget Priorities.  Gerry Francis answered the
        question as to why there was no faculty representation on the Budget Committee. Gerry
        Francis explained that the President didn't want special interest groups such as the physical
        plant, support and services, and the faculty on the Budget Committee.  The question was
        asked whether the faculty should be considered a special interest group? Gerry didn't see
        anything wrong with asking the question and felt that now was a good time to pose it as the
        college was in transition. He felt that including faculty representation might be beneficial.

        Discussion of budget priorities followed. It was suggested that in budget priorities we shouldn't
        have to argue for support staff and faculty positions, that these should be standard.  Discussion
        moved to budget priorities. Gerry stated that certain items are budgeted. However, faculty
        need to make their concerns heard and include programmatic interests beyond the usual top
        three items of salary, positions and R and D to include specific programmatic issues.   In this
        regard concern over the library budget, which hasn't increased, was mentioned as well as the
        issue of compression for full professor salaries.  Buck McGregor and David Nawrocki
        presented a draft of the Budget priorities survey and will be placing it on email for faculty

III.   Update of Web Policy Discussion -- Report by Steve Braye
        Gerry Francis asked Julianne Maher and Gerald Whittington to develop an intra-web
        committee.   Jeff Clark and Barb Taylor will be faculty representatives.

IV.   Report from Five Year Review Committee -- Report by Bob Blake of  the Six Year Review
        Process.   Julianne Maher chairs this committee. A draft of materials from the Five Year
        Review Committee were circulated including "Responsibilities of Senior Faculty," "Six Year
        Review of Senior Faculty: Guiding Principles" and a statement of the process of review.
        Academic Council members were asked to provide feedback to this report by November 5th.
        Discussion of various aspects of the report followed.  Frustration was expressed concerning
        item 2c. under "Negative Review" dealing with the issue of dismissal.

 V.   Long Range Planning Committee -- Report by Brian Digre.
        Brief description of the committee's four areas of focus: parking, computers, housing and
        academic programs. The question of how can the Academic Programs subcommittee best
        communicate with the faculty was posed.

VI.   Discussion on Faculty Governance -- Report by Steve Braye.
        This item was briefly discussed. It was decided to explore models of faculty governance. It
        was also argued that Curriculum Committee needs more of a voice.

Minutes submitted by Anne Bolin

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