AUGUST 22, 2003


The meeting was called to order at 3:20 p.m.


Members present:Jim Bissett, Mike Calhoun, Lisa Carloye, Anne Cassebaum, Jeffrey Clark, David Copeland, Gerry Francis, Leo Lambert, Yoram Lubling, Jana Lynn Patterson, Tim Peeples, Doug Redington, and Barbara Taylor


Guests:Chris Fulkerson, Director of Campus Technologies, and Gerald Whittington, Vice President of Business and Finance


I. Introductions


Dr. Clark introduced Bernice Foust as the new secretary to the Council succeeding Linda Martindale.


II. Review of the May Minutes


Council reviewed and approved the minutes of the May meeting.


III. Brief Summary of Summer Council Activities


Dr. Clark met with Chuck Gantos and Ed Eng to gather information in response to complaints about office thefts that were raised by Dr. Jim Pickens.He will work with Dr. Pickens on how to proceed with that information.


Responding to a request from Dr. Nancy Midgette, the Council appointed two faculty members to the Hearing Board.Those appointed were Dr. Jim Barbour and Dr. Maureen Ihrie.


Dr. Clark met with Dr. Mike Kingston to discuss his request for a set meeting time for department meetings.Dr. Clark suggested that Dr. Kingston discuss the matter further with other department chairs.


IV. Meeting Schedule


Council approved the third Friday of each month as their meeting time for the coming year.


V.Committee Assignments and Priorities


The Council revised its priorities for the year and discussed committee assignments based on discussions from the May retreat.Please see http://www.elon.edu/acacoufor the final version.

VI. Special Elections


A special election will be held at the September Faculty Meeting to replace Admissions Committee member, Dr. Anne Simpkins, who is on sabbatical and Athletics Committee member, Dr. Bill DeJournett, who is no longer at Elon.


VII. Easter Monday Holiday


Dr. Gerry Francis discussed the changes in academic calendar relating to the Universityís newly adopted Easter Monday holiday.


VIII. Eligibility for Promotion to Full Professor-Das Recommendation


Dr. Francis reported on a request made to Academic Council by Dr. Pranab Das. Dr. Das noted that with the change in the tenure system, there are a number of faculty members who started in non-tenure track positions and who converted to a tenure-track contract prior to being promoted to associate professor.  For some of those faculty members, the idiosyncrasies of Elon's track system meant that their date of eligibility for promotion to full professor was delayed beyond the twelve years specified by the Faculty Handbook.  The Academic Council supported Dr. Das's request that those faculty members become eligible for promotion to full professor after twelve years of service to the university.


Dr. Francis supported the request with the qualification that there were a number of variations in the cases of the faculty members in this category.He provided a copy of a letter that will be sent to these professors as they become eligible to apply for promotion as well as a timetable for specific faculty members.


If any faculty members have questions as to how this change applies to them, they should consult their dean or the provost.


IX. Faculty Emeritus Rank


Dr. Francis and Dr. Lambert are working to establish guidelines for a new faculty emeritus rank for retired faculty.Dr. Francis and Dr. Lambert said they would like to work with someone on the Council to establish these guidelines. The Council will appoint someone to work with Dr. Francis and Dr. Lambert.Dr. Lisa Carloye and Dr. David Copeland commented that, because of the nature of their committees, they would be interested in working on this project.


X.Intellectual Property - Illegal File Sharing


Invited guests, Dr. Gerald Whittington and Chris Fulkerson, led the discussion on illegal file sharing.They informed the Council of some legal issues related to illegal file sharing. Mr. Fulkerson stated that the practice became a problem approximately three years ago.Dr. Whittington informed the Council of ways faculty/staff/students could get in trouble by illegally downloading a file. Dr. Francis asked for the Councilís thoughts on how to best deal with the problem.After much discussion, the Council offered several suggestions for getting the message out to the Elon community as to the seriousness of this offense.Dr. Lambert stated that the university should warn students that they could be sued for illegally downloading music.It was suggested that the issue be discussed at faculty meeting.††††


XI. Other Business


Dr. Gene Gooch, chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of Teaching, will give a report at the September 5 faculty meeting.††††


The Council discussed the need to revise the Bylaws and Faculty Handbook wording with respect to the Promotions and Tenure Committee to reflect the changes in our tenure system.The Council also discussed the lateness of this yearís Faculty Handbook and stressed the need to have it available in coming academic years before the start of the academic year.


Senior Faculty Survey - Dr. Francis commented on a survey that will be sent to senior faculty. The survey is from TIAA-CREF.


The meeting adjourned at 5:10 P.M.


Respectfully submitted


Bernice Foust

Jeff Clark