Academic Council Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2002 – Alamance 101

Present:  Jim Bissett, Lisa Carloye, Anne Cassebaum, Jeff Clark, David Copeland, Gerry Francis, Charity Johansson, Leo Lambert, Yoram Lubling, Becky Olive-Taylor, Tim Peeples, Doug Redington, Barbara Taylor

The meeting was called to order at 3:15 pm.

Minutes from the May meeting were reviewed and approved with one correction.  On page two under Professionalization, Promotion, and Tenure, the first sentence should read “In collaboration with one member (not two members) from the Promotion, Tenure, & Professional Status Committee, Council studied issues related to the Professional track in the fall.”

Council priorities, committee assignments, and meeting calendar were distributed for review.

Council discussed concern regarding Elon’s policy on admitting faculty and staff dependents.  Dr. Francis noted that Elon has never had an open admissions policy for applicants.  Steven Futrell, chair of Admissions Committee, sent a letter to Council offering the following recommendations on behalf of the 2001-2002 Admissions Committee.

(1) The new (2002-2003) Admissions Committee develop a statement, to be included in the Faculty and Staff Handbooks, which clarifies the University’s policy of admitting faculty or staff dependents who meet the minimum admissions requirements as set forth in the annual admissions policy as signed by the President of the University.  The statement is to be sent to Academic Council for consideration and subsequent publication in the Faculty and Staff Handbooks.

(2) The new (2002-2003) Admissions Committee review procedures for considering borderline applications and play a more active role in aiding the Dean of Admissions and Financial Planning in considering borderline applications, especially as pertains to faculty/staff dependents.

Discussion followed.  To assist in clarifying this policy, Council agreed to send the following recommendation to Terri Kirchen, 2002-2003 Admissions Committee chair.  Council verified that current university policy is to admit any faculty or staff dependent who meets the minimum admissions requirements as set forth in the annual admissions policy to Elon University.  The members of Academic Council recommend that this policy be continued.

Tim Peeples reported from the Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure and Professional Status.  The committee has drafted transitional recommendations.  The most current work from this committee will be presented to the faculty through the following venues:  September Numen/Lumen, Faculty Forums in September, Academic Council’s September meeting, October faculty meeting.

The “Elon Teacher-Scholar” document was discussed.  Council voted to endorse the document and ask faculty for a vote of approval at the September faculty meeting.

Jeff Clark brought the following concerns to Academic Council regarding the Fall Report.  The report should be inclusive concerning all types of faculty:  teaching, academic support, administrative.  Median salaries, not just means, should be reported.  The report should be more self-evident with clear definitions.  Anne Cassebaum expressed concern that full-time/part-time (one-year contract faculty with no guarantee of renewal) and adjunct faculty are clearly delineated in the reporting process.  Further discussion was postponed until the September Council meeting.

Jim Bissett announced that Council will be convened as a hearing board for a grade appeal sometime during fall term.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Olive-Taylor

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