Academic Council Minutes

Friday, March 16, 2001

History Seminar Room, Carlton

Members present:  Larry Basirico, Jim Bissett, Joyce Davis, Tom Green (chair), Don Grady, Bob Guffey, Pam Kiser, Leo Lambert, Todd Lee, Becky Olive-Taylor, Jean Schwind

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM.   Minutes of the February 16, 2001 meeting were approved.

Internship Issues

Dr. Nancy Harris reported to Council on the proposed changes in the Policy for Internship Compensation developed in conjunction with the SACS focus group who are studying the connection of knowledge and experience.  This report was developed due to confusion which had arisen in regard to the existing 1998 policies on internship compensation. Discussion ensued on the types of internships (course-based and individual based), overload pay for internship supervision, and accrued hours for course release.  Council requested additional information about similar procedures in regard to academic extra load duties such as independent study or research study.  The suggestion was made that compensation policies be studied in regard to these other issues.  Council offered general support for the policy with suggestions for the Harris’ group to consider.

Elon College as the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. John Sullivan reported to Council on the study to establish the Division of Arts and Sciences as the Elon College of Arts and Sciences.  The committee has met with other schools who have adopted like naming when the college changed to a university.  He pointed out that the rationale for such naming has been the maintenance of heritage.  Dr. Sullivan pointed out that his presentation was informational and the Council offered thanks and support for the committee activities.

Contract and Tenure Issues

Dr. Green and Dr. Lambert shared information on the continuing review of contract length for professional status faculty and the in-track time for faculty placed on tenure-track after achieving professional status.  Dr. Green indicated that he had met several times with Dr. Francis and/or Dr. Lambert during this past year concerning these issues.  Dr. Green suggested that although no changes in contract length or in-track time have been made, Dr. Lambert has agreed to continue discussion of these issues.  Dr. Lambert indicated that more discussion is needed on the issue of status classification for the non-tenured career faculty member at Elon.  Dr. Lambert feels the current title is uncomfortable and lacks clear definition of what the alternate track is.  Dr. Lambert also informed Council that trustees supports the limit of 75% of faculty on tenure or tenure-track and a two-track system.  He suggested discussion be held on the alternate track.  Additionally, in response to a question, Dr. Lambert indicated that possibly shortening the length of in-track time for those who have moved to tenure-track from professional-status was still on the table for discussion but not the length of the contract.

Additional issues discussed included length of contract for professional status faculty, impact of the present two-track system on Phi Beta Kappa consideration, and equality of professionalized and tenured faculty.  Council will continue this discussion at the April and May meetings.

Statement of Professional Standards

Prof. Pam Kiser and Dr. Don Grady reported on the final draft of the Statement of Professional Standards.  Discussion ensued regarding the use of “college” versus “university,” the language in the proposed statement, and where the statement should appear in the faculty handbook.  Council approved the draft and will bring the statement before the faculty in May.  Discussion of other concerns related to the Statement of Professional Standards was postponed until the May meeting.

Election Committee Report

Dr. Jim Bissett reported on the upcoming election of Promotions, Tenure and Professional Status Committee.  Council discussed several proposed nominees and whether an additional search for candidates should occur.  Results will be reviewed and nominations will be ready for the next faculty meeting.

Evaluation Subcommittee

Dr. Larry Basirico reported on the evaluation of the advising subcommittee.  He noted that some response had been received to solicitation for feedback and that there were no significant problems to meet SACS requirements.  The committee is considering some process alternatives for the evaluation.


Reorganization Issues

Joyce Davis reported that work with Mary Wise has resulted in a questionnaire considered appropriate for evaluation of the most recent reorganization.  She noted that Dr. Lambert approved and that the questionnaire has appropriately been customized for feedback by different employee classifications at Elon.  Council suggested minor changes for the final questionnaire format.

Book Store Issues

It was noted that most departments have shared reports on their problems with the bookstore.  Council agreed to invite Vice President Gerald Whittington to the next meeting to discuss problems and seek solutions.

Student Evaluation of Faculty

Discussion of full-year student evaluations were briefly discussed and deferred until Dr. Francis was available to discuss the matter in detail.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm.

Minutes submitted by Bob Guffey


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