Academic Council Minutes

Friday, February 16, 2001

History Seminar Room, Carlton

Members present:  Larry Basirico, Jim Bissett, Joyce Davis, Gerry Francis, Tom Green (chair), Bob Guffey, Mike Kingston, Pam Kiser, Leo Lambert, Todd Lee, Becky Olive-Taylor, Fred Rubeck, Jean Schwind.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm. Minutes of the December 15, 2000 meeting were approved.

  1. Rob Springer reported to Council on the revised US News and World Report and Gender Salary Equity Study.  Additional analyses supported the initial findings indicating that gender is not a significant variable in accounting for salary variance.   There were no questions.
  1. Pam Kiser reported to Council on the Statement of Professional Standards.  Discussion followed regarding the wording and editorial suggestions were made.   A revised statement will be sent to Council via email.
  1. Gerry Francis shared information from the budget meetings regarding Council’s Budget Priorities.
    1. The budget committee is working with a four percent pool for faculty salary increases (priority #1) instead of the 6.65% recommended by Council.   Provost Francis explained that initial projections are four percent for the overall amount but the actual percentages will depend upon allocations.
    2. The College is making progress on increasing the number of full time faculty (priority #3).
    3. The Health Care Advisory Committee is addressing health care coverage (priority #4) for the ‘gap’ created by retiring prior to age 65 and a provision for coverage (at a cost) for those retiring after the age of 65.   The after age 65 coverage would allow for a separate pool of individuals to get group rates for supplemental insurance to Medicare and/or Medicaid.
    4. The budget calls for a $100.00 increase in annual faculty travel funds as well as three additional sabbaticals (priority #5).
    5. A reduction in teaching loads (priority #2) is not feasible at this time.  The first priority is to eliminate overloads.  Secondly, the number of adjunct faculty needs to be reduced.   President Lambert suggested that Council investigate strategies to accomplish reduced teaching loads.
    6. In summary, the Budget Committee’s priorities are as follows:
i.Provide for an overall salary increase pool of  4%.
ii.Work towards faculty salary goals established by the New Century at Elon.
iii.Increase the number of full time faculty.
iv.Reduce faculty overloads and the number of adjunct faculty.
  1. Subcommittee Reports
    1. Elections Committee – Bylaw changes will be presented to the Faculty at the April meeting.  Bylaw change #1 deals with a shared governance change while changes 2 and 3 are corrections and/or clarifications.  Jim Bissett is obtaining a pool of interested candidates for various committees.
    2. Academic Reorganization Committee –Discussion regarding the proposed survey revealed several concerns.  Joyce Davis, Mary Wise, and Provost Francis will continue to work on the survey and submit a revised instrument to Council via email.
  1. Other business
    1. Calendars – The calendar for Spring of the academic year 2001-2002 and Fall of the academic year 2002-2003 are the longest since 1987 when records were begun regarding the number of class days in a semester.  Faculty surveys, as well as correspondence to Council from members of the faculty, indicate that Faculty has concerns about the increase.  The Provost explained that the goal of the Calendar Committee is that each semester will be 13 to 14 weeks long (plus exam days).  The length of winter term is to be fourteen days plus one exam day.  Jim Bissett submitted two alternate proposals that meet these requirements.  The Provost noted that a twelve-day break between Winter and Spring terms is ill advised.  The proposed models were discussed and the Provost suggested that Council members attend the meetings of the Calendar Committee.  It was agreed that Tom Green and Jim Bissett will meet with Mr. Albertson regarding the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 academic year calendar issues, develop alternate calendar proposals, and then meet with Dr. Francis to determine possible changes.
    2. Contract Dates – Due to a short turn-around time between the March 10th Board of Trustees meeting and the traditional April 1st contract issuance date, a recommendation was made to move the contract issuance date to April 15th.  Council agreed with this change.
    3. Faculty Handbook – All references to ‘College’ will need to be changed to ‘University’ except in specific historic instances.  Council will present a proposed by-law change to address this issue at the March meeting.
    4. Transition from MPT to DPT – A task force is currently conducting a feasibility study regarding the potential transition from the current Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.  Two factors influencing this potential transition is the low MPT enrollment and the Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) goal that all MPT programs become DPT programs by 2003 (at the earliest).
    5. Henricks/Bissett Letter – Council discussed sending the letter to the Board of Trustees.  Council recommended not sending the letter to the Board.
    6. Issues postponed - Internship and bookstore issues were postponed until the March meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Minutes submitted by Joyce Davis

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