Academic Council Meeting
August 25, 2000

In Attendance: Basirico, Davis, Francis, Grady, Green, Guffey, Hamm, Helvey, Kingston, Kiser, Lambert, Lee, Schwind, Whittington.

The meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m.

Academic Council Vice-Chair

Dr. Laura Roselle Helvey was approved by Council to serve as Vice Chair for the coming year.

Council Representative of Communications School

Dr. Hamm resigned from Council as an at-large representative.  Don Grady was elected as Council representative for the School of Communications during their scheduled meeting during planning week.  Faculty members will vote on an at-large representative at the next faculty meeting.  Dr. Hamm presented arguments as to why the School of Communications is well represented on council and across all major standing committees elected by the college.  Because of the need to include the School of Communications now as a member of most standings committees, representation must be fairly distributed.  Thus, many of the faculty members of the School of Communications have chosen to step down from their at-large or divisional slot and run as the representatives from the School of Communications.  Council was in agreement with this and a Mid-Term Elections information sheet will be included in the handout for Faculty meeting.


Mr. Gerald Whittington presented Council with information regarding the new Healthcare Presidential Advisory Committee.  Mr. Whittington, who is chairing the committee, presented the following membership:   Prof. Pam Kiser, Dr. Mike Kingston, Dr. Bob Guffey, Dr. Joyce Davis, Ms. Lou Harper, Mr. Richard Russell, Mr. David Blackman, Prof. Kate Hickey, Ms. Katherine Parrish, Dr. Bob Blake, Dr. Daniel Wright, Dr. Iris Chapman, and Mr. Ron Klepcyk.  The committee will review basic structure of our healthcare systems, investigate the coverage for early retirees, and work with Human Resources regarding the renewal of our current plan.  Council informed Mr. Whittington that concern had been expressed regarding the coverage for non-married couples and asked that this issue be included in discussions.


New Council members were welcomed and discussion ensured about the purpose and goals of Council for the year.  Subcommittee assignments were discussed and calendar priorities noted.  Council then reviewed Councilís priorities and how these relate to the Institutional Priorities established by Senior Staff.

Council members directed several areas of concern to the provost.  These items include standardizing the method of prioritizing future grant applications; what constitutes an advanced Junior and Senior GST level course; whether academic priorities are being successfully considered within the athletic priorities statement; and addressing the issue of maternity leave.


The president has appointed a task force to consider a School of Information Technologies.  Dr. Schwind will serve as Councilís liaison.  Dr. Francis noted that the task force was a preliminary step.  In investigating this school, the committee will follow the basic procedures established by the Graduate Mission Task Force.

Selection committees for the deans of the College Arts and Science and the School of Communications have been established.  Council will investigate the committee make up for Council representation so as to have a voice in any decision made.

Dr. Francis reported that the Elon team visit to the ANAC conference in Ithaca was extremely fruitful.   More details on this will be forthcoming as will information as Elon becomes more involved.

With the upcoming SACís review and the general state of higher education, Dr. Francis informed Council that it cannot be stressed enough the importance of outcome-based education and departmental long-term planning.  This should be a high priority item for the entire campus this year.

Academic Affairs urge the Council to review the following issues:

Dr. Francis promoted a faculty discussion on the possibility of changes in the review process.  These changes would involve review and recommendations made at the departmental level or the division or school level.  Council recommended that this matter be addressed by a sub-committee of the PP&T Committee and will establish a liaison with this sub-committee.

Dr. Francis discussed the need for the college to clarify our definition of scholarship.  Council indicated that a sub-committee has been established to address this issue.

Dr. Francis also raised the need to address the institutionís statement of professional standards.  Council agreed that this was an important issue and established a sub-committee to address this issue.  Pam Kiser and Don Grady agreed to chair the subcommittee and report the findings back to Council.

Dr. Francis agreed to inform Curriculum Committee of Councilís recommendations regarding web-based courses.  Council recommended that the issues of web-based courses be referred to Curriculum Committee for study and discussion this fall, and that a sub-committee of the Curriculum Committee be established to follow the progress of web-based course development and periodically report to both Council and to the faculty at large.

Former Council Chair, Bob Anderson, will be serving as a faculty liaison/resource for information regarding the web-based/enhanced classes.


Council discussed and decided upon nominees for midterm elections.  These elections will be held at the September 1 faculty meeting.  Nominees for mid-term elections were reviewed and approved.


Dr. Helvey and Dr. Todd Lee will present possible nominees at councilís next meeting.


Council discussed future business for upcoming meetings including issues related to reports from standing committees and Councilís sub-committees.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 P. M.

Respectfully Submitted,
J. Todd Lee

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